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How To Get Started


"Like all good things in life, orthodontic equipment wasn't invented, it evolved over time." - Bob Ross


Functional and Aesthetic Design

Since most of your productive time is spent in the bay area, this is where working with an experienced designer benefits you the most. It expedites the process of balancing your needs and considerations. The parameters of the site with a functional and aesthetic design will permit:

  • A comfortable workflow

  • Easy access to all instrumentation

  • Well-balanced lighting

  • An efficient arrangement of treatment, support, conference and patient education area


Step-by-Step Instructions

    • For a remodel-Carefully review the current office. List the things and areas that function well so that they are not overlooked in your new office. Also, make a list of the areas that need improvement.

    • Fill out the “Office Design Questionnaire”. Every doctor has his or her own method of working and organizing. The questionnaire is designed to communicate all pertinent information that will help us design an office to fit your goals and requirements. It also assists us in organizing and arranging priorities for the new office. The more you can input specific needs and concerns, the better your finished office design will be.

    • Get a scaled floor plan or AutoCAD file of the space showing window and door locations, electric service location, existing bathrooms, and locations of physical items that cannot be moved. We require field measurements to verify physical sizes before any drawings can be made.

    • Send the questionnaire, plan, and signed contract for your office design and dimensional plan for our equipment locations.

    • After we receive and analyze the questionnaire and floor plan, we will confer with you about the various aspects of the design.

    • We will prepare a preliminary plan and a copy will be sent to you.

    • Upon receipt, please review the plan and make notes of any changes, corrections or items that should be included or modified.

    • We repeat this process until you are satisfied in the design.

    • Call us at 1-800-247-4109 if you have questions, or to discuss any part of the plan.

    • When modifications are complete, the final plan will be emailed in pdf and AutoCAD format for the architect and designers. Once approval and construction documents are finished we will require a copy to locate any and all equipment we will be providing. We will also dimension chair centers and utility locations for the orthodontic equipment.

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