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A tradition of Excellence


Experience and Expertise

Started in 1974 as Mastercraft Dental Company of Texas, Mastercraft was the original equipment manufacturer dedicated to orthodontic equipment. Now Ross Orthodontic is the only manufacturer still dedicated to orthodontics. In 1981 Mastercraft Dental Company of Texas was purchased by the Ross family. Lead by Robert Ross, his two sons Joseph and Peter they decided to change the name to Ross Orthodontic. In 2014 Joseph took over as President of Ross Orthodontic he next generation of the Ross family. Ross Orthodontic has spent over half a century perfecting the design and manufacture of thousands of chairs and delivery systems to satisfied customers. This un-equaled level of experience and expertise puts us in a unique position to meet your specific needs. Just as you have chosen to specialize in Orthodontics, we have chosen to specialize in Orthodontic equipment and design. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to increase your productivity and, more importantly, your profitability.


Quality Equipment Built to Last

At Ross,we believe that the patient treatment equipment should be functional,attractive and offer a long dependable life. Ross builds in quality where you can’t see it, using industrial-grade heavy-duty mechanical components that are built to last.

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