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Unlike all other specialists, the orthodontic office, its design, and equipment are unique


Knowledge and Experience

Anyone can throw lines on a piece of paper and claim to be a designer. Only an experienced specialist can design an orthodontic office. Ross Orthodontic's Design Service is available to help you. We have worked with architects and designers for the past 35 years. Most designers don't have the knowledge nor the experience that is so important in the design of an efficient orthodontic office. We will provide the experience and support to your architect or designer to create the most pleasant and efficient place for you and your staff to work. Contact us for planning assistance.


Orthodontic Office Efficiency

The orthodontic office must be designed to move a large number of patients through, possibly 20 to 120 patients, and most of them between 2 and 5 in the afternoon, unlike other specialists that have only 12 to 20 patients in a day. The orthodontic office must be designed to have good traffic flow, including patients, staff, doctor and instruments. The equipment design must enhance durability in order to stand up to this volume of patients.


Equipment and Office Design Synergy

At Ross Orthodontic we specialize in the design of the Orthodontic Environment and the equipment in it. With 35 years of designing custom offices and equipment we are aware of the special needs of the orthodontist. 

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