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Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, and Mechanical Equipment


All Orthodontic offices will require air and vacuum. Please call for additional information, specifications, recommendations, and sizing. As well as additional mechanical equipment that might be needed or required.

Oil-less Compressor


The PowerAir Oil-less Dental Compressor brings together high performance and proven oil-less compressor heads required to do orthodontics.


  • Unrivaled power and performence-up to 66% more CFM than competitive products

  • .01 micron coalescent filter eliminates common contaminants that other systems can't catch

  • Ultra quiet operation

  • Optional Quiet Cover

Wet-ring Vacuum Pump


The Classic Series Wet-Ring Vacuums bring together the quality and proven technology into one uniform vacuum pump.


  • High Output proven performance

  • Exclusive internal water recycling-uses over 60% less water then standard wet-ring vacuums

  • Durable aluminum/bronze construction and stainless motor shaft

  • Optional Air Water seperator

Dry Vacuum Pump


PowerVac is the first dry vacuum to combine the dental professional's most desired features into one flexible, maintenance-free system.


  • Unrivaled performence and power-up to 18"Hg

  • Zero maintenance-oilless and water-less

  • Quiet operation

  • Upgradable flexibility

Water Solenoid.jpg
Water Solenoid Shut-off


Water solenoid shuts off ALL water to your office. Giving a level of safety not available without one.

control panel.jpg
Mechanical Control Panel


Control Panel to allow control of compressor, vacuum, and water. With control panel wet ring vacuum can not be activated without water being turned on.

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